Welcome to the Sandbox

Sandbox Leadership is committed to partnering with you to create a shared learning community. Join with others to engage in the deep, challenging, and creative work of growing as leaders.

Degrees, certificates and even the gold star you received in third grade are one measure of learning. At Sandbox Leadership, we take what you know and help you dig deeper to become a leader committed to ongoing learning and improvement.

As a leader, you know the groundwork of an organization is constantly shifting. Whether the shift is from an external source, such as directives from higher-ups, or the shift is your own internal desire to change the organization’s direction, leaders must be agile. To leave a legacy, you must adapt, inspire and share your vision – even when the ground is uneven. This is where we come in – we provide you with scaffolding to strengthen your leadership style and build your leadership capacity.

Sandbox Leadership works with you to design, build and deliver customized leadership development programs.

What do you need in your Sandbox? Let’s design it together.

What We Provide

Does the phrase “It’s lonely at the top” resonate with you? It does with the scores of leaders we’ve helped. Sandbox Leadership provides unique opportunities for leaders to come together in a facilitated setting to share, learn from and lean on each other. We create cohorts of leaders — called Communities of Practice (CoP) or “Sandboxes” – and together, they share challenges and solutions, vulnerabilities and successes.

In addition, Sandbox Leadership provides

  • One-on-one coaching to help you address specific challenges
  • Assessments to hone in on your leadership strengths and address areas for improvement
  • An individual leadership growth plan
  • Action learning opportunities
  • Accountability and much more!

Looking for something a bit out of the box? We are happy to tailor our programs to fit your specific needs and goals. Contact us to discuss.

“Doug is a model for empathetic listening and facilitative thought partnership. He helps surface implicit bias, insecurities, and obstacles to my desired outcomes. He is skilled at helping me rehearse courageous conversations and to focus on what I bring to the table in these situations. He enables me to determine my level of responsibility and what I can control. After all, the only thing we can control is ourselves and how we respond and react to others. I am a better leader, father, husband, and person as a result of Doug’s coaching.”

— Joe Koski, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Educational Support Services
San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

“Having been an educational leader for 25 years, I suspected I was fairly set in my conduct. Through a series of coaching sessions with Doug, I feel prepared for this new chapter in my professional career as well as another 25 years of leadership and service.”

— John Gorton
School Improvement Unit Manager
Montana Office of Public Instruction

We Get You

As a leader, a lot is thrown your way. Sandbox Leadership not only understands the immense challenges you face, but we help you rediscover the joys of leadership. Because when leadership is going well, it is one of the most important, invigorating and inspiring careers out there — and who doesn’t want that?

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