Activate the Coach Within

A practical, positive approach supporting you and others to lead change.

Finding our way through myriad challenges and options of professional life takes self-awareness, goal orientation, improvisation, and support. Issues like burnout, conflict, and accountability are just a few of the challenges you may face daily. By developing a coaching approach, you learn skills that not only help you coach others but give you deeper access to know and lead yourself. You’ll gain awareness of the thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviors that don’t serve your ambitions. You’ll learn to transform them in service of outcomes you desire. 

As you activate your coach within, you’ll develop the abilities to support and challenge others to think through their obstacles and empower them to achieve their intended goals. In this interactive virtual class, you will explore coaching as a conversational learning practice that supports you and others to clarify aspirations, create plans, and act.

 You will:

  •     Learn an inquiry-based, action-oriented coaching process that promotes thinking, flexible planning and dynamic action.
  •     Describe the mindset and strategies a coach uses to support learning and accountability.
  •     Improve skills for effective coaching: inquiry, listening, creating agreements, and giving and receiving feedback.
  •     Practice coaching others and being coached.

This course is for leaders who are passionate about their development, set high standards for themselves and others, and enjoy supporting the growth of others in a cohort-based learning experience. We meet virtually for two hours each week over 10 weeks, covering these topics:

  1. Set the Foundation
  2. Navigate the Conversation
  3. Coach as You
  4. Listen Deeply
  5. Listen Actively
  6. Coach Presence
  7. Work with Emotions
  8. Transfer Learning into Action
  9. Cultivate Accountability
  10. Celebrate Our Learning

In addition, between each session, you will meet for 30 minutes with a learning partner to reflect on learning and practice skills.