EDLeader  Peer Coaching

The role of leader can be lonely. Who do you seek out when you need support engaging a complex challenge? Who are your thinking partners? Who understands deeply the challenges of your role? 

EdLeader Peer Coaching groups are cohort-based programs for the professional and personal development of current and future leaders committed to creating a safe space for learning and collegiality. 

These facilitated dialogs use current work experiences as opportunities for learning. Group members share their unique leadership challenges and gain insight and accountability with the support, wisdom, and guidance of leadership peers from across the region. 

A Cohort Program

We create courageous learning space together. An organization will be represented by no more than 2-3 participants in a single group. If your organization wants a peer coaching group with only your members, we can create a unique group for you.

  • Learn a coaching approach to support and challenge your peers to create positve change through insight and action.
  • Learn from diverse perspectives in psychologically safe, confidential meetings. Groups consists of 6-10 leaders from different organizations across the region.
  • Meet virtually for 1.5 hours every other week for five months, for a total of 10 group sessions.
  • Share leadership goals, create accountability, and explore individual and collective leadership challenges within this group of peer leaders.

1:1 Leadership Coaching 

In addition to the group peer coaching experience, you will meet individually with a leadership coach.

  • Assess your leadership with feedback gathered from a Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) 360
  • Debrief your LCP 360 results with your coach to create your leadership growth plan, which identifies your development goals and your leadership vision.
  • Additional 1:1 leadership coaching with certified ICF coach is available by request for an additional fee.

Who is an ideal participant?

The ideal participant is someone who:

  • Is curious about how to accelerate growth as an effective leader.
  • Is committed to supporting the development of others through this community of practice.
  • Wants to learn a coaching approach to create positive change.
  • Is open to learning with and being challenged by their peers.
  • Has leadership or management experience. 
  • Wants to increase role scope and responsibilities.
  • Maintains confidentiality.


We meet virtually on Zoom. Meeting information will be shared with participants.

What’s included?

This five month leadership development program includes:

  • 10 -1.5-hour facilitator-led group coaching sessions,
  • A Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) 360 assessment.
  • A 1.5-hour LCP 360 debrief with a leadership coach.
  • A leadership growth plan that clarifies your goals and leadership vision.
  • A trusted network of awesome EdLeader peers!