Leadership Development

Scaling Your Leadership

What matters most to you and how do you bring it into your work and life? If you are a leader who wants to improve how you get results, these courses support you to gain perspective, leverage your strengths, and drive for results while positively influencing relationships—maximizing your ability to grow as a leader.

“Having been an educational leader for 25 years, I suspected I was fairly set in my conduct. Through a series of coaching sessions with Doug, I feel prepared for this new chapter in my professional career as well as another 25 years of leadership and service.”

— John Gorton
School Improvement Unit Manager
Montana Office of Public Instruction

Leading Self

Leadership is a capacity inherent in each of us that we can choose to develop. Grow into your leadership potential with research-backed methods that promote self-awareness, skills development and confidence.

Leading Teams

Whether you lead a team that is new or existing, in person or hybrid, project-focused or cross-functional, improve your ability to support and optimize your team’s performance.

Leading Systems

Scaling your leadership across organizational systems requires developing systems-sight so you can deeply engage and influence culture.


Resilient Leader

Given recent events, our ability to bounce back from challenges has been greatly tested. Resilience isn’t something you have or don’t; like any other skill, it can be developed. In this three hour webinar, we will explore what resilience looks like, why it is so valuable, and what research tells us about how to cultivate it. You’ll define your resilience goals and a path to accomplishing them.

Leadership Coaching

Transform your Mindset, Grow Your Impact

Working on-on-one with your coach, you’ll gain transformational insight to accelerate your growth and leadership effectiveness. We tailor the coaching process to focus on issues that matter most to you, such as productive conflict, organizational performance, developing teams and communities, work-life integration, passion renewal and aligning your values with purposeful action.

You’ll create a strategic development plan based on feedback gathered from the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) 360 assessment. The LCP is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information for immediate opportunities to grow as a leader.

To learn more, contact Doug Nathan at [email protected].

Leadership Peer Coaching Groups

As we’ve adapted to virtual work, we have lost those between spaces that promote a moment of reflection or a hallway conversation with a friend or trusted co-worker. What happens as these margins in our lives disappear? What boundaries do we need to support our wellbeing and effectiveness as leaders within our organizations and communities?

The role of leader can be lonely. Who do you seek out when you need support engaging a complex challenge? Who are your thinking partners? Who understands deeply the challenges of your role? Leaders need a “Community of Practice” or “Professional Learning Community” where they can share their challenges and be vulnerable with colleagues.

Peer Coaching Groups are committed to creating a safe space in your schedule for shared learning and collegiality. They are segmented by leadership roles so you can engage in your individual challenges of practice with the support, insight, and guidance of leadership peers from across the region.

  • Special Education Directors
  • Program Leaders
  • New Leaders

You will work one-on-one with a Leadership Coach to create a strategic development plan based on feedback gathered from a Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) 360 assessment. The LCP is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information for immediate opportunities for leadership development.

Your leadership peer group will be led by a leadership coach who will challenge and support both individual and collective successes. You’ll share your goals in the group to promote accountability and to gain insights and strategies from your leadership colleagues.

In addition to ten individual coaching sessions with your Leadership Coach, you will meet with your Leadership Peer Coaching Group virtually for three hours monthly. The group consists of up to 15 peer leaders to promote diverse perspectives and networking, while creating a safe, confidential space to explore individual and collective leadership challenges.

We will explore six leadership practices:

  1. Discerning purpose
  2. Clarifying vision
  3. Knowing your doubts and fears
  4. Engaging in authentic, courageous dialogue
  5. Developing intuition and opening to inspiration
  6. Thinking systemically

As we explore these leadership practices, the group will identify growth areas to deepen their collective inquiry, such as:

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Creating cultures of trust
  • Holding difficult conversations
  • Wellbeing


Stories that Lead

Claiming the power to lead at work and in your life

“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela’s words remind us that each of us has the capacity to lead in our lives. How are you leading in yours? This workshop explores creative strategies that help you renew and engage your leadership capacity to create work—and a life—that inspires profound results. In this 2-hour virtual workshop, you will:

  • Gain insight into your innate story sharing skills;
  • Co-create narratives that explore, shape and access your leadership potential;
  • Clarify the leadership story you want to grow into.


Reboot Your Wellness

Feeling sluggish, distracted, and/or unmotivated these days? Struggling to find structure in your days even after a year of working in the “new abnormal”? Unable to find time in the week for your self-care routine? We all experience low energy and lack of focus from time to time for a myriad of reasons. Our wellness is a key factor in our energy levels, performance at work, moods, and quality of relationships. Small shifts in wellness can lead to big changes.

This six-week online gathering meets for 2-hours each week. It is a unique opportunity to reboot your wellness in a fun, supportive and dynamic group setting. You will:

  • Identify your existing wellness strategies
  • Explore wellness approaches including mindfulness, exercise, and social support
  • Craft a vision based on your goals and interests
  • Bring increased vitality and joy into your life and work



Leading High-Performance Teams

How do you optimize team performance? The ability to develop and support effective teaming is a core leadership skill. In this three-hour webinar, we will identify the characteristics of high-performing teams. Whether you lead a new or existing team, we’ll examine science-backed methods such as shared purpose, aligning goals, and creating a sense of belonging so that you can realize your team’s highest potential.

Coaching Conversations for Managers

A practical, positive approach supporting others to aspire and achieve

Finding our way through myriad challenges and options of professional life takes self-awareness, goal orientation, improvisation, and support. Issues like burnout, change, and accountability are just a few of the challenges you may face daily. By helping others think through their challenges, you empower them, unburden yourself, and create positive change together. In this interactive virtual class, you will explore a process of coaching others that helps them clarify their aspirations, create plans, and act. We meet for four four-hour sessions over four weeks. (16 hours of instruction). You will:

  • Learn an inquiry-based, action-oriented coaching process that promotes thinking, flexible planning and dynamic action.
  • Describe the mindset and strategies a coach uses to help others move forward despite obstacles.
  • Improve skills for effective coaching: inquiry, listening, creating agreements, and giving and receiving feedback.
  • Practice coaching others and being coached.

Note: Between each session, participants would meet for 30 minutes in learning pairs to reflect on learning and practice skills.

Stories that Engage

Shaping workplace culture one story at a time

Our workplace culture is perfectly organized to give us the results we are currently experiencing. Without awareness, our natural story-telling talents can create a toxic culture of drama and dysfunction. But with intent, we can shape stories that build psychological safety and emotional engagement to achieve better results. In this interactive 3-hour virtual workshop, you will:

  • Understand the forces that drive disengagement
  • Learn strategies for noticing and shifting away from toxic drama stories
  • Shape and share stories to help you, your co-workers, and your organization create purposeful engagement.


Unleash Your Talents, Lead with Your Strengths

The way we do work is changing. it’s more creative, collaborative and faster-paced than ever before. And managers struggle to keep up. The good news is that employees want to learn and grow. Based on the Gallup CliffordStrengths, this interactive half-day workshop supports team members to learn a shared strengths-based language and development approach. They gain personal insight and effectively relate to one another, avoiding potential conflicts and increasing group cohesion. Strengths-based development immediately changes team conversations. It creates more positive dialogue and boosts the team’s overall engagement and performance.

This 3-hour course is intended for education teams.



Building a Culture of Trust

When trust flourishes across an organization, people enjoy their work, appreciate their colleagues and prevent the conditions for burnout. But trust doesn’t just happen. It is cultivated with intention, skill and care. In this three hour webinar, we will examine what leads us to feel trust for individuals and organizations, as well as gain insight into the behaviors that break it and repair it. You will leave with a plan to grow trust interpersonally, in your teams and across your organization. 


Scaling Your Collective Leadership

Both individual AND collective leadership effectiveness are required for thriving organizations. Senior leaders inherently create a collective level of effectiveness by the way they lead together. Their combined effectiveness sets the pattern and tone for all of the organization’s leaders, reinforcing a way of leading that sends the message about what’s expected.

This workshop for leadership teams reveals actionable steps for improvement by measuring the perception of the current leadership level of effectiveness and compares/contrasts it with the ideal collective leadership effectiveness necessary for organizations to thrive.

This program provides on-going support for the leadership team to learn, grow and measure progress toward its development goals. Three main features of this Collective Leadership program include:

    1. Effectively use the Collective Leadership Assessment (CLA) with your leadership team. The CLA is a tool for assessing the current and desired performance, effectiveness, and culture of leadership teams. Based on the same Universal Model of Leadership that is the foundation for the Leadership Circle Profile 360™, it assesses both the creative leadership competencies and the reactive tendencies of the team. It also compares the effectiveness of the team against a global database. We will debrief the results with the leadership team and identify your development goals during a 4-hour online kick-off meeting.
    2. Through a series of six monthly 2-hour meetings, the leadership team will explore and discuss how they are showing up collectively. They will compare the current reality with the desired future state and commit to actions to close this gap. This process will help map a course for the kind of culture that will contribute positively to the ambitious objectives of the leadership team.
    3. Through individual coaching, this program also supports the Senior leader of the team to develop their ability to coach the team effectively.

During this six-month virtual workshop, you will:

  • Assess your current and desired team performance, effectiveness and culture
  • Correlate leadership to productivity, turnover, and other bottom-line metrics.
  • Establish a compelling rationale for change
  • Focus leadership development efforts
  • Learn a coaching approach to lead your team and team meetings


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