Special Education Management

State Education Agency (SEA) and Local Education Agency (LEA) Staff Capacity Building

The State Education Agency (SEA) is a dynamic and complex organization. One of the greatest challenges of the SEA Director is to recruit and retain qualified staff to meet the complex needs of the SEA and the LEAs they serve. Providing leadership and support to SEA staff is a key variable of success for any State Director. It is important to have “onboarding” and ongoing mentoring and coaching for new SEA staff.

TAESE can assist the SEA in building the capacity of new SEA staff. TAESE can provide training for new SEA staff that would cover essential State and Federal responsibilities. The purposes for the SEA Capacity Building workgroup include:

  • Exploring and discussing areas of special education general supervision
  • Developing leadership and management skills
  • Providing position presentations and discussions
  • Creating mentoring and coaching opportunities
  • Addressing hot topics identified by SEA staff
  • Networking new SEA staff with Jobs-Alike SEA from other States


Charter School Leadership and Teaching Staff: Special Education Capacity Building

Work in partnership with the State Special Education Director and staff to increase new and existing charter school directors’ capacity for the management and leadership responsibilities of a charter school special education program. Charter school directors will become familiar with the latest hot topics in special education, clarify the expectations at the SEA level and learn how to train charter school teachers on IDEA requirements. You will:

  • Design and implement a charter school director orientation and training program.
  • Customize professional development around the components of special education general supervision as they apply to charter schools.
  • Provide a comprehensive special education leadership binder or eBook of information and resources for the charter school director.
  • Facilitate live, interactive, audio-video, or web-based trainings on hot topics (e.g., MTSS, RTI, transition, standards-based IEPs, etc.).
  • Provide training regarding IDEA for teaching staff.


State Education Agency Jobs-Alike Workgroups: Low Incidence and Monitoring

Coordinate and facilitate cross-state Jobs-Alike Leaders responsible for providing technical assistance and guidance to local education agencies. You will:

  • Receive current information and resources in their area of expertise.
  • Become part of a multi-State network of other SEA staff doing the same job.
  • Participate in quarterly, facilitated conference calls that address important issues and provide opportunities to network and collaborate with SEA staff in other States.


Special Education Management

Leadership Development